Private forces to raise funds for research into aluminium in vaccines













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Private forces to raise funds for research into aluminium in vaccines

Aluminium salts in vaccines are suspected of causing a range of side effects. This is particularly true for the newest generation of salts.

Authorities and pharmaceutical companies have yet to shed light on the problem and do not seem interested in doing so. For that reason, a private, global crowdfunding campaign is being set up in Denmark to collect the funds necessary to facilitate independent research into the effect of aluminium in vaccines, including the debated HPV vaccine.

A new committee composed of national and international experts, as well as affected individuals, has been set up under Patientforeningen Danmark. In addition to believing that the subject has not been properly illuminated, the committee fears an increase in the number of affected individuals if we are kept in the dark.

Amongst others, the committee consists of the English professor and aluminium specialist, Christopher Exley, the French top researcher and neurologist, Dr Roman Gherardi, the Danish actress with a son affected by vaccine side effects, Lone Hertz, and the initiator, Mette Kenfelt, whose daughter came within inches of death in what was presumed to be the side effects of the HPV vaccine.


The hostile tone overshadows a serious case with numerous unknowns

“It is the belief of the committee that the chasm between advocates for, and critics of, vaccines has become too deep. The subject is far too important to let this continue. Those who have experienced side effects, as well as those attempting to weight the pros and cons of vaccines, are the hostages in this debate. We want to get to the bottom of the problem through organised and independent analysis. Suspicion has been roused and there are numerous concrete facts that point to aluminium as the cause of a range of side effects,” says Mette Kenfelt. “What is especially surprising is the fact that no scientific research has been done to evaluate the clinical trials of vaccines with the newer aluminium salts carried out across the globe. This is incomprehensible when we, as citizens, have spent years being told that vaccines only contain approved and safe elements.

With that knowledge in mind, it is irresponsible not to take the problem seriously across the board. For this exact reason, we are launching this funding campaign, as the authorities are failing to take the initiative to carry out in-depth studies and research. People continue to fall ill and we do not know why,” says Mette Kenfelt.

The main interests of the pharmaceutical companies and the health authorities

”The main interests of pharmaceutical companies, the health authorities, and politicians are crystal clear in this context,” says Mette Kenfelt. She continues:

“They should be providing economic and moral support for our campaign to eliminate any and all doubts. In Denmark, the authorities have just spent five million kroner on a campaign that encourages people to take the HPV vaccine, but the problem of unanswered questions is still there for the parents.”

Actress Lone Hertz, whose adult son, Tomas, has had a brain damage following a vaccination administered in his childhood, says:

“It is important that we grant parents the best information possible, to help them make a decision. We need to shed light on the subject so parents can weight the pros and cons from a better-informed standpoint.”

The research the crowdfunding campaign is aiming to fund will cover the use of aluminium vaccines in all vaccines: not just in the Danish vaccination programme for children, or the HPV vaccine, which has been the target of much debate in recent times. Cochrane Reviews will be spearheading the research process.

The method to be used is acknowledged as offering the highest degree of evidence within research in the field of health sciences – and it is completely independent of external interests, such as pharmaceutical companies and the health authorities with their particular strategies.


Professor with serious scepticism towards aluminium

” It is not a secret that some individuals experience an adverse event following vaccination and for some this is a serious event and may even be fatal. We believe that these events are caused by aluminium adjuvants in the vaccines and we are trying to understand why in hope that we can help to improve the safety of vaccines for everyone. It is quite clear that vaccine manufacturers and indeed many governments do not share our concerns and prefer to accept such serious events as collateral damage. This should be unacceptable to all”, says professor Christopher Exley from Keele University.
Professor Exley has a PhD in the toxic effect of aluminium on the human body and 30 years worth of knowledge on the subject.

Based on his own research, as well as that of his colleagues, he is concerned about the harmful impact of aluminium in vaccines, especially considering the growing number of autoimmune diseases diagnosed globally.

The fact that he and his reputable French colleague, professor Roman Gherardi, have both joined the Factcare committee underscores the justified concern, and the serious nature of the situation.


550.000 Euro will answer a plethora of questions

The initial aim of the crowdfunding campaign is to mobilise at least 550.000 Euro in order to facilitate five basic research projects at Copenhagen Trial Unit, under the leadership of Chief Physician Christian Gluud and his staff at Cochrane Hepato-Biliary Group.

The method to be used is the most recognised of all methods for verifying existing research within key areas. The approved research protocol outlines that the Cochrane team will minutely analyse more than 2,500 existing studies on aluminium and vaccines.

“It is a known fact that there is no valid pre-existing analysis of the aluminium adjuvants used in, amongst other vaccines, the current HPV vaccines,” explains Christian Gluud.

“This is shown in documentation from the pharmaceutical companies. The vaccine has not been tested in contrast with a control group vaccinated with regular saltwater; instead, it has been tested against a modified ‘control’ group vaccinated with saltwater that contains aluminium adjuvants. But this trial design makes it impossible to evaluate, which side effects aluminium adjuvants could be causing. These are the questions we will be addressing in our research once the necessary funds have been raised,” says the Chief Physician, whose department operates outside the influence of capital interests and the health authorities.


Not another “no-more-vaccines” campaign

“This is not a campaign against vaccines,” states Mette Kenfelt from the Factcare committee. “The aim of the campaign is to answer the numerous postulates vocalised by advocates for, as well as critics of, vaccines. We should all support this research so that we may find answers. This is not a problem we should pass on to the next generation. Vaccinated or not, they should not have to face the same risk of life-threatening illnesses. We are attempted to maintain a nuanced and constructive approach to the problem. We just want to know the potential consequences of the substances our kids are administered. We cannot ignore the collective doubts we have about aluminium,” says Mette Kenfelt.


You can read more about Patientforeningen Danmark’s Factcare committee at and follow the debate on the Facebook page with the same name.

This is the place to seek out answers to any questions you might have about the problems associated with vaccines and their aluminium adjuvants.

The fundraising process starts today on


For further information and contact with the members of the committee, please contact:

Michael Møller, Add-Wise – or phone +45 25261500.

Please find further information about the campaign and the committee attached.